Canadian BlueberryCanadian BeefCanadian VQA Icewine

Canadian Blueberry

Canada is the world's second-largest producer and exporter of these delectable berries, after the United States, and they are a highly valuable crop.

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Canadian Beef

Canada is one of the largest grain producers in the world. High quality feed grains contribute to well-marbled, flavorful and tender meat with firm, white-coloured fat, highly desirable traits recognized by customers in over 100 countries around the world.

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Canadian VQA Icewine

Canadian Icewine is a sweet dessert wine renowned for its rich flavours and unsurpassed smoothness. While Icewine is also made in Germany, Austria and the United States, Canada is the only wine-producing region in the world with a climate so cold that its vintners can guarantee an annual production of this highly sought-after product.

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Canadian Nephrite Jade(BC Jade)

Canadian Jade is one type of nephrite; the hardness is about 6.5 degrees. Nephrite is Canada’s national treasures, each piece is weighed up to 4-5 tons. Whithin the 1980s and 1990s, China had imported hundreds of tons of Canadian jade from Canada, those orders of jades were in large volume, their beautiful textures, colors and other characteristics successfully made up for the lack of raw material supply situation in China.

Green Hetian nephrite is the most precious jade in Canada, its quality is much better comparing with the Xinjiang Manas green jade, Russian green jade, Taiwan green jade and other top quality jade in the world. Canadian Jade has been identified as Green Hetian nephrite or Nephrite.

As we all know, Xinjiang green Hetian nephrite jade and Burmese jade are the mainstream in Chinese market, but these two types are jades are very expensive since of shortage, there are not many people could afford it. Finally, Canadian Jades have become another choice for the jades lovers, it could satisfy the demand of the Chinese  jade markets.

Canada Jade Rating

There are five levels in Canada for jade rating: C, B, A, AA, AAA. Different levels of jade are used for different purposes. AA and AAA levels are the highest quality of jade that owns better color and textures that used for making high-end jewelries. However these two levels of jades are produced much fewer than A, B and C level. AA level are produced under 100 tons each year, AAA level are produced under 10 tons only each year. A and B level jade are used for making high quality jade sculptures. Lower levels are used for decorating high-end residential buildings.

Canadian Blueburry

We export Canadian organically grown local blueberries. In Canada, July and August is the best opportunity to taste fresh blueberries. Small perishable fruit, has a special sweet taste, due to […]

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Canada/USA Beef Exports

12302 Beef Tenders 12361 Black Angus Tenders 11051 C/C Bib eyes COV 13271, 13273, 13275, 13255 Regular BNLS Shank Meat 15117 Beef Brisket Points ute 12601 Beef Brisket Flats ute […]

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Dead Sea Mud Mineral Skin Care from Israel

About the Dead Sea and Its History From the beginning of time the Dead Sea, located 418 meters below sea level, has been renowned. The Dead Sea is considered the […]

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Ice wine & Red wine

Our company’s main wine types, including red wine, dry white wine, and the most local representative of ice wines.  We have good working relationships with a number of local wineries and […]

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