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Canadian Blueberry

Canada is the world's second-largest producer and exporter of these delectable berries, after the United States, and they are a highly valuable crop.

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Canadian Beef

Canada is one of the largest grain producers in the world. High quality feed grains contribute to well-marbled, flavorful and tender meat with firm, white-coloured fat, highly desirable traits recognized by customers in over 100 countries around the world.

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Canadian VQA Icewine

Canadian Icewine is a sweet dessert wine renowned for its rich flavours and unsurpassed smoothness. While Icewine is also made in Germany, Austria and the United States, Canada is the only wine-producing region in the world with a climate so cold that its vintners can guarantee an annual production of this highly sought-after product.

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Dead Sea Mud Mineral Skin Care from Israel

About the Dead Sea and Its Historylogo

From the beginning of time the Dead Sea, located 418 meters below sea level, has been renowned. The Dead Sea is considered the richest depository of minerals and phosphates essential to maintaining the healthy process of cell renewal and stimulating blood circulation.

 Even in the time of the Bible the royalty the world-over were aware of the richness and essential health value of the Dead Sea minerals. King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra and King Herod all bathed in the Dead Sea and enjoyed its healing properties.

 The salinity of the water reaches a concentration of approximately 340 grams per liter- 10 times more concentrated than the Mediterranean Sea.

Along the beachfront are several natural sources of healing waters rich in minerals such as potassium, sodium calcium, magnesium, iodine, chlorine, bitumen, and zinc. These minerals have accumulated in the Dead Sea over millions of years and have made it a rich source. Also the natural heat, together with the black mud deposits, makes the Dead Sea an ideal location for health and beauty treatments.

The Dead Sea is a unique body of water, unlike any other on the face of the earth. It is the lowest and saltiest of all deep, natural bodies of water, and has a singular chemical composition. The remains of Roman spas found in the region provide evidence that the Dead Sea area has been known for its therapeutic advantages from ancient times.

 After the establishment of the State of Israel, scientific articles relating to various fields of medicine began to appear showing that the Dead Sea region, and the Dead Sea itself, has a beneficial effect on skin, joint, respiratory, eye, and other disorders.

Dead Sea Water, Mud & Minerals

Dead Sea Water (Maris Aqua):

The Dead Sea contains 21 minerals including Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Bromine, Bitumen and Potassium. Twelve of these are found in no other sea or ocean and some are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin, activating the circulatory system and for easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders. The Dead Sea contains 10 times more salts and minerals than the Mediterranean Sea.

 The Dead Sea water is rich in minerals and ten times saltier than any other sea. Each liter of water contains 340 grams of Dead Sea minerals salt. Dead Sea Minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium help heal Psoriasis. Additionally, each of the 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea is vital for the skin’s normal metabolism extending the treatment benefits, and making it applicable for all skin diseases.

Dead Sea Mud and Minerals:

The Dead Sea mud produced from the Dead Sea is rich in minerals which have antiseptic qualities. Covering the body in Dead Sea mud helps the minerals absorb into the body while the top layer of skin is purified and cleansed, contributing significantly to an improvement in the external symptoms of the disease.

Dead Sea Mud & Minerals rejuvenates the skin. The rich, natural minerals are all essential for healthy skin. It helps the skin to renew and regenerate cells, thus prevent aging.

Dead Sea Mud & Minerals stimulate blood circulation. The rich minerals and the mud’s tightening action promote circulation by increasing the supply of oxygen to and removing the toxins from the skin, thus toning and firming up skin tissues, leaves the skin glowing and youthful looking.

NOTE: Due to this action, skin may feel warm and tingling when mud is applied and even after it is washed off. This means that the mud is working properly.

Dead Sea Mud and minerals deep cleanses. It removes impurities from deep washing the skin. It penetrates pores to absorb accumulation of dirt, makeup residue and excess fatty secretions like hardened sebum.

NOTE: First time users may experience one or two blemishes as impurities are drawn to the surface. Continued use will clear these away. With Dead Sea mud & minerals skin will be clean not only on the surface, but deep underneath too.

Dead Sea Mud & Minerals exfoliate dead skin cells. The fine, natural grain of the mud softly yet effectively sloughs off dead skin cells, leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Dead Sea mud with all its rich Dead Sea Minerals is ideal for relieving skin ailments in odd places on the body, e.g., on the elbows, on the back, on the neck. Simply apply the mud on the affected part and wash off after 10 minutes.

Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud have been recognized by millions of people as a single source of health and beauty since the days of Herod the Great, more than 2,000 years ago.

The Dead Sea has a 33% concentration of salts and minerals (compared to only 3% in the ocean).

Dead Sea Salt original mineral composition improves cell metabolism and contributes to its restoration and regeneration.

Dead Sea Salt also acts as a disinfectant and help in removing harmful substances from the skin.

Research Results

Over the past two decades many studies have been conducted researching the therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea on Psoriasis and other skin diseases. The amazing results, received by different researches, show a success rate of 60% to absolute recovery. The balance 36% experienced almost complete recovery and a significant improvement in the severity of the skin diseases and as for Psoriasis during the 6 months following the mineral treatment at the Dead Sea.

Beyond the significant success results, these studies also showed that the skin does not develop resistance to the Dead Sea treatments (as happens with the standard cortisone treatment), indicating that the treatment can be repeated with an identical success rate as the previous ones.

Our Unique Product Line:

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Dead Sea Mud Mineral Skin Care from Israel

About the Dead Sea and Its History From the beginning of time the Dead Sea, located 418 meters below sea level, has been renowned. The Dead Sea is considered the […]

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